With many years experience in research and development, the company has become one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers of synthetic graphite products in China.
        In year 1997, the company passed ISO 9002, became one of the first group among the domestic carbon circle to get the ISO9002 Quality Certificate in China.
        The company holds advanced manufacturing equipments, therein , the Ring Pit Furnaces, High Pressure Impregnation vessels, DC Graphitization Furnaces, Lengthwise Graphitization Furnaces, Numerical control lathe machining line, and ect. all reached the International advanced level.

        Its technology principle is to utilize biotechnology, use the renewable resource--natural high polymer starch to mix with biodegradable materials and additives to change the property of the starch to produce a new kind of material, not including the plastic and can be biodegraded completely. Through mould shaping to make various products what can be biodegraded completely like kitchenware products, food packing products and industry packing products.

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